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May 18, 2014

Pre-school Book Of The Month

May 2014

Each month our pre school are choosing a book to focus on.  The children are encouraged by trips to our local library to look at and enjoy books that they can bring back to the nursery.  This month they chose “Funny Bones”.  We sent the following information home to families via our email newsletter to tell parents and carers about the activities we will be focussing on in the nursery and the kinds of things they can do at home to support the children’s learning.




•    Role play hospitals
•    Reading our story of the month -  Funny Bones
•    Identifying and tasting a variety of food which contains calcium to make our bones stronger
•    A science activity involving chicken bones and vinegar (See Adult planned activity sheet ) 
•    Digging for bones in the garden
•    Exercise routines that make our bones stronger
•    Discussing day and night
•    Examining real life bones and talking about their different textures.  
•    Letter sounds ‘B’ for bones, ‘S’ for skeleton, and ‘D’ for dog.

Kinds of things families could do at home:
•    Look at baby scan pictures
•    Discuss different times of the day i.e. bed time at 7 o’clock.
•    Identify objects beginning with ‘s, d, b’.