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Feb 19, 2015

Mark Making To Writing


On Tuesday 20th January Kelly and Jenna attended a brilliant course called ‘Mark Making to Writing’. This was led by Bracknell Forest BC who have been supporting all the nursery settings throughout our local area in promoting mark making and how to share these ideas with parents and carers.    

This excellent training session highlights how staff can support children in ‘mark making’. The girls picked up some brilliant ideas as well as sharing some of the excellent practice already happening in our pre-school room and throughout the nursery. Kelly and Jenna were pleased to feedback how many of the recommendations made are already in place at Children’s House.                                                                                   

Staff have encouraged activities including treading with pasta shapes and tracing in sand and corn flour – some pre writing skills. Also the use of clipboards in all areas of the pre-school room encourage children to make their own lists, experiment with emergent writing and make their own recordings.                                                                                       

One of the children wanted to write a list of ingredients to make her daddy a birthday cake and spontaneously started to make her list using a clipboard. She talked to Jenna about what she wanted to do and together they created a list of ingredients – some letters, symbols and drawings were used to represent the items needed. The list was then taken home at the end of the day and the list was taken to the supermarket with mummy and the ingredients bought. They then made daddy’s birthday cake. You can imagine the sense of achievement that was felt by everyone involved!  

We have given out some very helpful leaflets to parents and have learnt some great ideas for our nursery team to use.